Otterbox Announces 3 New Cases For The Galaxy S4


If you’re planning to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S4, but are the clumsy kind of person that’s always dropping your phone, Otterbox has your back. Otterbox has produce some of the most rugged and durable cases on the market and they recently announced that 3 new cases will be coming to the Galaxy S4: the Defender, the Commuter, and the Reflex.

The Defender is a bulky, rugged case with three layers of protection to prevail through drops, bumps and shocks. The Commuter is a less bulky, slim case with two layers of protection to protect your device from the occasional bump and shock. The Reflex is a two-piece design case providing less protection for your phone than the Defender and Commuter, it’s fairly light weight and provides resilient protection.

So if you’re planning on picking up a Galaxy S4 and need some protection for it, you might want to pick up one of these.

All of the Otterbox Galaxy S4 cases will come in a variety of colors. Prices range from $34.95 to $59.95. The Commuter and Reflex Series will sell for $34.95, while the Defender series will start at $49.95. However, some Defender Series models will cost the consumer $59.95.

If you visit Otterbox’s website you can sign up to be notified upon the release of all three Otterbox cases for the Galaxy S4; I would definitely recommend doing so as Otterbox cases are usually a sell out.