High Voltage Software’s The Conduit Hits Google Play For NVIDIA Tegra Devices


If you’ve been looking for a brand new shooter to take you by storm, look no further. High Voltage Software’s hit new game The Conduit has landed on Google Play. There is a catch, however: the title is currently only available for NVIDIA Tegra-powered devices.

In The Conduit, you play as Michael Ford, a man who has been enlisted by “The Trust.” Your job is to take back planet Earth using obscure alien-like technology and insanely high-powered rifles.

This game is currently only available for Tegra-powered devices — this cuts the amount of people who can play this game by a huge amount. However, if you are running a Nexus 7 or an Asus Transformer series tablet, you are in luck!

The game is free to download and you can play the first two missions for free. Once these missions are completed, you can progress through the other seven missions for a fee of $5. Check out the official launch trailer below.

Below is the mission briefing of the game, provided by High Voltage Software on the game’s Google Play page.

As Washington D.C. is embroiled in chaos, Secret Service agent Michael Ford finds himself recruited by a mysterious organization known as The Trust, and is quickly caught up in a national crisis, an alien invasion and a web of conspiracies that date back hundreds of years.

Now you must help him learn to use bizarre new weapons, battle deadly aliens, discover ancient secrets, and save the world… if you can figure out who you can trust.

Download The Conduit now by hitting the source link below.