CyanogenMod Surpasses 1 Million Unique Installs

Early (early early) this morning, Steve Kondick (Cyanogen) announced that the immensely popular CyanogenMod had reached 1 million unique downloads! CyanogenMod is just one of many custom firmwares based on the open-source Android operating system. The CyanogenMod Team consists of numerous devout developers and members who work hard to bring support and features to as many devices as humanly possible. They have extended the life of devices well beyond the realm of official support and have freed us from the chains of carrier induced crap. Custom Android firmware and the ability to have it, is just one of the many advantages of an open-source project such as Android.

This news is an amazing accomplishment and one that is well deserved. The share magnitude of volunteered hours that these guys put into this project is insane and I’d like to take this moment to say thanks. So thank you Steve Kondik, thank you CyanogenMod Team, and thank you Android, for making this all possible. If you’d like to check out some interesting stats on CyanogenMod installs, such as device type, firmware version, and total number of installs by type, I recommend heading over to the official CMStats page to give it a read. And if you’re simply interested in finding out more about CyanogenMod, you can visit their website

Again, congratulations! A job well done, and a milestone well deserved!