More Samsung Galaxy S IV Cases Leak Ahead Of Today’s Unveiling


A number of new Galaxy S IV case images have made their way onto the web, courtesy of our friends at MobileFun. They sport a slightly different design than those that surfaced earlier this month, and they support the latest leaked photos we’ve seen of the Galaxy S IV.

The images come from “a really reliable source,” according to our contact at MobileFun, who is “98% sure they’re correct.”

The design shows the Galaxy S IV’s designed will be slightly different to that of the Galaxy S III — though not by much — with the camera centered on the back of the device and its LED flash say beneath it. The speaker has also been moved to the bottom left hand corner — which is where it also sits on the Galaxy Note II.


The cases are a perfect match for the leaked Galaxy S IV photos that surfaced earlier this week, and again this morning.

As you can see from the video above, the case’s dimensions appear to match up with those of the device in the hands-on. We can’t we be sure this is indeed the Galaxy S IV, of course — it could still be a prototype that has been used for testing. But it’s looking increasingly likely.

All of our questions about the Galaxy S IV will be answered in just a few hours at Samsung’s Unpacked event in New York City’s Time Square. Cult of Android will be there, so we’ll bring you Samsung’s announcement and our hands-on coverage as soon as we have it.