Judge Koh Rules That Apple Siri Patent Case Can Continue, Orders Samsung And Apple To Streamline Things


In case you’ve missed it, there are currently two cases being heard by US District Judge Lucy Koh in the Apple v Samsung patent legal struggle. The first one, Apple won a $1.05 billion verdict last fall against Samsung, which Judge Koh pulled about $450 million off of, and then ordered a new damages trial. She also rejected Apple’s request for a permanent sales ban. Apple appealed, but we’re waiting for a ruling till September, most likely.

The second case, also filed by Apple against Samsung, has Judge Koh at the helm again. This one, which contains the rights to search tech that is also part of the Siri personal voice assistant, continues to be active. Last month, Judge Koh suggested that the second trial be put on hold until the first was resolved. Apple objected, and today, Judge Koh ruled that it can continue as scheduled.

Koh also ordered Samsung and Apple to streamline their cases significantly by cutting down the number of claims and expert witnesses. Oh, sure. That’s gonna happen. It’s highly unlikely either technology company will voluntarily cut legal claims or expert witness without a lot of hand-holding and possible legal sanctions from the Judge, who has shown a willingness to tell both companies off for wasting the time of the court.

Let’s hope both legal teams just cut to the chase when the hearings resume, though, for everyone’s sake.