Galaxy S III Will Get The Same Eye Scrolling Feature As The Galaxy S IV


Earlier this week we heard that Samsung is working on some crazy cool feature for the Galaxy S IV that will let you scroll down the screen using nothing but your eye balls.

The feature will track your head to see where you’re reading and scroll up when you need to. Not only is the new feature going to be on Samsung’s newest handset, but it looks like the Galaxy S III will get the same Eye Scroll feature.

According to screenshots posted by Sammobile, the new ‘Smart scroll’ feature will debut in the Galaxy S IV but also make its way to the Galaxy S III.

Sammobile received screenshots of leaked Android 4.2.1 firmware for the Galaxy S III that confirm the feature.

It was originally reported that the Smart scroll feature will track a users retinas to determine where they’re reading on the screen. After looking at the screenshots though, it looks like the feature just tracks your head movement to determine when it needs to scroll.

Owners of the Galaxy S III and S IV will be able to us the Smart scroll feature in Internet browsers, Chrome, email, and Gmail messages, but we’ll have to see if 3rd party apps will be able to take advantage of it in the future.

Samsung will unveil the Samsung Galaxy S IV on March 15th in New York City. Cult of Android will be on hand to provide all the updates and in depth look at new features, so make sure to tune in.