Beautiful Disney Toy Story: Smash It! 3D Block-Breaker Game Arrives on iOS and Android

We got it wrong last week, when we thought a cryptic Disney teaser was a clue to something we’ve been salivating over for a few months: the arrival of Android and iOS at Disney’s Infinity platform.

Instead, Disney has released a beautiful Toy Story 3D puzzler game for iOS and Android; and even though it’s not exactly what we’ve been waiting for, it still looks really freaking cool.

Toy Story: Smash It! drops you into the role of Buzz Lightyear as he lobs rubber balls at Zurg’s glass and brick houses (and…trains?) to defeat the alien villian. The game sports impressive looking 3D graphics, and appearances by Woody, Rex and other characters from the movies.

Best of all, the game is only a buck — with no in-app purchases.