Look Familiar? This Bluetooth Speaker Is Not What You Think



This small Bluetooth speaker looks remarkably like the iconic Jawbone Jambox, arguably the most popular ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker on the market right now. And just like the Jambox, it can be used to stream music and make calls. It even comes in what looks like the same colors — or very similar colors — the Jambox comes in.

But look more closely, and you’ll see small cosmetic differences — because this isn’t the Jambox. It’s the Urge Basics Sound Brick, and it has one very big difference with the Jambox: it’s less than one-third the price.

New Jersey-based ERG Distributors is behind the Sound Brick, and they told us the speaker should arrive soon and sell for $35 (though we found it here for $50). Of course, just because it looks like the Jambox doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll perform like it.

UPDATE: ERG Distribution contacted us in response to this post and told us the actual retail price is, in fact, $80 and can be found on Amazon