Ex-Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki Now Working For Google At Motorola


Guy Kawasaki was one of Apple’s most famous evangelists. He’s the guy who helped Steve Jobs market the hell out of the original Macintosh back in 1984 to really put Apple on the map.

Guy left his post as Chief Evangelist of Apple in 1987 and has reclined into a life of venture capitalism along with running his popular blog, but now he’s gearing up to help Google do battle with Apple by advising for Google-owned Motorola.

Kawasaki announced on Twitter today that he is joining Motorola as an advisor where he will focus on product design, user interface, marketing, and social media.

Guy says that Motorola reminds him a lot of the Apple of 1998: “a pioneer in its market segment, engineering-driven, and ripe for innovation.” Plus, Motorola has become more of an afterthought in the tech world lately, much like Apple was in 1998. Motorola has struggled to release a popular smartphone in the last few years and was bought by Google in 2011.

One of the first things Guy will do as part of the Google team is foster a Google+ community about mobile devices. The community is for all mobile devices, even the ones that don’t run Android, so we expect the trolls to take over any minute now.