Shazam Is Getting A Facelift On iPad & Android Tablets


If you’ve ever heard a snatch of a song in a bar and found yourself tormented for not knowing who it was by, you should probably know about Shazam, an awesome iOS app that analyzes music around you and tells you who the heck it’s by and how to buy it.

Are you one of the 300 million users who already knows about Shazam? Great! Shazam’s just announced some mean new updates to its iPad app, including much faster tagging with automatic resubmissions, better sharing features and Shazam Friends interactions, a revamped home screen, and more.

Although the iPad (and Android) app won’t be updated for a few weeks yet, this is what is in store for users:

• An exciting new design featuring an innovative home screen that invites exploration to see what TV shows* and music people are currently tagging, as well as find out what’s most popular in the Shazam Tag Charts.

• An interactive mapping feature, enabling fans to zoom in to any city in the world to discover, buy and share the most popular music people are listening to in that location – starting at the continent level, then drilling down into the country, state/region, city and even to the town level, in some cases;

• An improved Shazam Friends feature, providing people with one of the best ways to discover new music and media from their friends as well as giving them quick access to preview and comment on their friends’ tags;

• Lightning-fast tagging, so that people can identify what they’re watching or listening to in as little as one second;

• Sharing that’s easier than ever, including a streamlined way to tell your friends about your finds via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email; and,

• Automatic resubmission. If people are in a poor network reception area, they no longer have to manually resubmit their tags when they get to a better reception area. Resubmission will happen automatically, and the user will be notified.

Shazam is available as a free download on both the iOS and Google App Stores