Jabra Unveils New Motion-Sensing Bluetooth Headset With NFC



Like the Plantronics Voyager Legend we reviewed a few months ago, Jabra’s new folding-boom Motion series incorporates motion sensors — so they can do things like automatically answer calls when you place the headset to your ear, and even automatically adjust the volume.

Though I wasn’t a huge fan of the Legend’s motion-triggered activities, Jabra’s execution of this technology may be different. All the premium features are there, like tech that cancels wind noise, and Noise Blackout 3.0, Jabra’s most advanced noise-cancelling system. There’s also an NFC chip, making it easy to connect with other NFC devices (iPhone, not you).

No word yet on ship date or price, as everything is pretty new. We suspect the Motion’s sub-site might have been thrown up in a bit of a rush too; one paragraph starts off describing the Motion like this: “As the only Bluetooth headset on the market…”. Well, no.