China Is Now A Bigger Market For iOS & Android Than The United States


Last February, China became the fastest growing market in the world for iOS and Android device activations. By the end of this month, though, Apple will actually surpass America as the world’s largest market for devices running iOS or Android.

According to data released by Flurry Mobile, by the end of the month, China will have over 246 million smartphones or tablets running either iOS or Android.

To put that in perspective, just a year ago, it only had around 70M iOS and Android devices activated. The U.S.A had about 150 million. That means that the Chinese smartphone market is outgrowing the United States by almost two to one.

That’s bonkers… and there’s so much more room to grow. The United States contains about 310 million, compared to China’s 1.3 billion. No wonder Apple is so interested in China: the American market is starting to become tapped out, where as there are over a billion people in China who still don’t have smartphones.