Google Provides Indoor Maps Of Vegas Casinos, Convention Center, And More [CES 2012]

CES attendees will now have another helpful tool to guide them through the endless labyrinths of floors and exhibits found in the Las Vegas casinos and convention center. Google has been teaming up with businesses since November to help provide users with detailed floor plans and indoor location information. Thanks to their recent partnership with MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment and others, Google can now provide indoor maps and info for select resorts and casinos, the Las Vegas Convention Center, as well as the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.

CES attendees have already been able to take advantage of event maps via the CES website and accompanying applications, but now, anyone with an Android device should be able to pull up an indoor map on-the-fly and head for the cheese, in this proverbial CES rat race. I’m betting a lot of people will find this latest feature extremely handy, and it couldn’t be a better way for Google to show off its latest improvements to Google Maps.