Has Tim Cook Killed Nike Fuelband’s Android Future?


Why doesn’t Nike want to bring the Fuelband to Android?

The Nike Fuelband was one of my favorite gadgets last year. It tracks all your movement to help you stay in shape. It syncs everything with your iPhone. Plus, it looks pretty freaking cool.

Nike Fuelband is part of the wave of futuristic wearable fitness devices. In a couple of years we’ll all have something like it, but for now, the Nike Fuelband only syncs with your computer or iPhone. There’s no Android app, and according to Nike, you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for one.

On February 9th, Nike Support informed people through Twitter that they’re only focusing on iOS and web right now. “We’re not working on an Android App.”

It seems odd that Nike would pass up the opporuntity to sell Fuelbands to the millions of people using Android phones. Even though you can still sync up your Fuelband on your PC, the appeal of the Fuelband is that it’s a truly mobile gadget.

Well, maybe the answer to Nike shunning Android has something to do with a certain member on its board of directors.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, joined Nike’s Board of Directors back in 2005 and is still a member. The relationship has helped Apple and Nike form a partnership and integrate Nike + iPod into numerous iPods and even the iPhone.

Did Tim Cook ask Nike to keep Fuelband an iOS exclusive for a while? Maybe Apple’s working with Nike on their own iWatch that includes Nike+ integration? We’re not sure. All we know is that Nike and Apple are very close, and we wouldn’t be surprised if old Timmy was pulling some strings to keep the Fuelband away from Android.