Google Exec: You Shouldn’t Trust Apple With Your Life


Google’s Technology Ambassador thinks using Apple Maps might kill you

Michael T. Jones has a helluva fun job. He’s the Chief Technology Ambassador for Google, and as such, he not only gets to work for one of the coolest companies in the world, he also gets to cruise around the world and tell people why Google is so darn awesome.

When it comes to Apple, you would think that Michael Jones would have some really mean things to say. In a recent interview with ABC News in Australia, Michael Jones actually praised Apple and said that customers can trust Apple with their private data. But then he added that using Apple Maps might kill you.

When asked about whether consumers should be able to trust companies like Apple and Google with all of their private data, Jones responded with the following:

I certainly trust Apple, and I trust Google, and I trust Microsoft, for that matter. These are not corrupt organizations; these are nice people trying to serve you.

I think you should be worried about getting where you want to go if you use Apple Maps. If you want to be honest, you’re taking your life in your own hands there..

Jones is most likely referring to the recent Apple Maps fiasco in Australia where a few travelers were stranded after Apple Maps took them on a wild route that got them lost. The Australian Police warned citizens against using Apple Maps.

The story was probably big joke around the Googleplex, but maybe Michael Jones and his buddies missed the story where the Australian police also listed Google Maps as being dangerous too.

Maybe Jones thought his comments were funny, and they almost were, except telling people their cellphone might kill them, when it can’t, is pretty over the top if you as us.