Bluetooth Tracking App ‘Item TrackR’ May be Coming to Android Soon

Yesterday, we told you about Phone Hub’s Item TrackR, a free app that helps you find misplaced devices equipped with Bluetooth, like like BT headsets. More importantly, the app will work with Phone Hub’s own Wallet TrackR, a slim plastic sliver that fits inside your wallet and help you find it through the Item TrackR app.

Aha. But you may have noticed we mentioned it on our sister site, Cult of Mac; that’s because yesterday, the app was only available on iOS. What a difference a day makes.

Wallet TrackR is currently incubating on IndieGoGo, where it quickly blew through its $5,000 funding goal in two days. Today, after thanking supporters, Phone Hub CEO Chris Herbert said this on the device’s IndieGoGo page: “If we hit $25,000, Android will be supported by Wallet TrackR on Launch.”

Herbert told us the extra cash would go toward paying a developer to create an Android version of the Item TrackR app, starting with the Galaxy S3 (which would, of course, then make the Wallet TrackR device Android compatible).

The Wallet TrackR device can also be attached to a wide variety of other items — like keyrings — through the device’s loop. Of you want one, they’re $19 each or $35 for a pair.