Twitter App For iPhone And Android Gets Search And Discover Improvements


The default Twitter app is usually one of the worst apps to use if you want to interact with the Twittersphere on your smartphone. There are a couple options out there for both iOS and Android that are a lot better and more feature rich.

Twitter is trying to make their app better, and they have a new update for both iOS and Android that streamlines the app and makes it easier and faster to get to great content.

The Twitter app update changes the Discover tab so that all tweets, activity, trends and suggestions appear in a single stream. For the iPhone app, Twitter has added a new search button that will let users search from anywhere within the app. Search results mix the most relevant mix of tweets, photos, and accounts into one stream now

The Connect tab’s new default view is Interactions so you can see who’s retweeting, favoriting, and mentioning you. If you don’t want to see all Interactions and just want to get mentions in the tab you can change that in the settings. They’ve also changed the way links work so that the app doesn’t expand when you click on a link. Now when you tap on a link it will just take you straight to the website.

You can download the update from both the App Store or Google Play later today.