Armor, Baby Animals and Gravity Come to Minecraft PE. And Possibly One Big-Ass Bug



When Minecraft Pocket Edition first launched, it wasn’t anything like the desktop (and now Xbox 360) versions; it was a neutered stub of a game. But with each update, the PE version gets more and more awesome as it adds the cool features of its big brothers. This update brings wearable armor, craftable signs, new renewable resources in the form of baby livestock and makes gravel and sand follow the rules of gravity.

Unfortunately, there might also be a bug that destroys your entire world.

IGN says they’ve found several reviews complaining about worlds not saving properly, sort of behaving like a Minecraft version of the Langoliers.

Those complaints seem rare though, and limited to the Android version; although this could simply be a result of the fact that no reviews whatsoever were up for the new update on the iOS side.

Other improvements include fancy clouds, the ability to dye sheep different colors (as a source of colored wool), improved D-pad controls and a whole bunch of stuff to do with netherrack.