Help Frantz Mann’s Colony Sweepers Protect The Jupiter Federation Planets From Alien Attack [Sponsored Post]

This post is brought to you by BroadCON, creator of Colony Sweepers.

The Jupiter Federation planets have been colonized by aliens, and it’s up to you to protect your spacecraft from waves of these insectoid creatures at all costs in Colony Sweepers, a free tower defense game from BroadCON. Build towers and place them in strategic positions to fight off hordes of alien colonies and defend your ship, and once you’ve claimed victory, get ready to take on the next colony.

Colony Sweepers is a space strategy game based on the idea of defending the Jupiter Federation planets from colonization by swarms of aggressive aliens. Land on and protect Ganymede, Ananke, Helike, Himalia, Amaltea, Elara, Leda, Europa, Metis, and dozens more planets by building defensive towers and blasting laser cannons at waves of alien attacks aimed at your ship.

Once you’ve successfully swept each colony clean, move on to clear the next planet.

The Jupiter Federation Headquarters has authorized the formation of a Colony Sweepers group that will be led by Frantz Mann to recapture lost sectors. Your orders consist of landing on a map and firing at aliens emerging from a green, globular re-spawning colony.

Firing weapons and moving towers are experimental maneuvers requiring swipes, taps, zooms, pinches and what-not. You have to learn at a fast pace and pick everything up as you go along, because aliens won’t wait while you sit down to learn everything.

To create towers you need two different resources — one is electricity and one is metal. How to obtain these two resources takes a bit of working out, however, but it’s all good fun. You will receive help from the different characters who pop up every so often as you progress.

Colony Sweepers is fast-paced, with dark and creative visuals and intense sound effects that will remind you of a classic arcade space shooter. It’s out now on Android, and available to download for free from Google Play.

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