Flickr Finally Releases an Official Android App

Yahoo has finally released an official Flickr app for Android. The app describes itself as a “shoot-and-share” application for Android users. Photos can be edited with retro, Instagram-like filters and then shared with a variety of social networks.¬†

This Flickr app is actually pretty impressive. It takes cues from the web experience, but you can do more than just view a photostream. Photos can be edited with filters and other basic controls. You can download pics from Flickr to your device, and your recent favorites and comments can be easily viewed.

Flickr has 68 million registered users, so there’s no question that this app will be well received. But is Flickr too late to the game? Instagram is looking towards the Android Market, and it’s obvious that the folks at Yahoo wanted to beat Instagram to the punch.

This app is by no means an Instagram killer. It’s a good app, but Yahoo hasn’t done anything to really¬†differentiate itself from what Instagram will bring to the Android platform eventually. Flickr for Android could give the service the relevancy it needs to stay afloat for the time being, but the rapid pace of innovation in the photo sharing space will undoubtedly catch up with Yahoo soon.

Check Flickr out in the Android Market for more information.