DeNA’s NFL Matchups Available Now On Google Play And iTunes App Store

Yes, you did it your way.

Yes, you did it your way.

So, I hear there’s a big football game coming up next week. The Superbowl is something even us non-sports-watching geeks know about, so this new card game from DeNA, the Japanese social gaming company that purchased gaming giant, ngmoco, a while back looks to be a timely release.

Available on Google Play as well as the iTunes App Store, NFL Matchups features hundreds of NFL players, challenging you to build the best NFL card collection. You’ll compete to win new offensive and devfensive players, building a collection of digital playing cards that you can then take into head-to-head competitions, where your unique stats and formation choices help you win fantasy football games. You’ll also be able to evolve the players on your squad over time to improve stats and create the ultimate digital card-based football team.

Features from the iTunes App Store description:

•Realistic play that places you right at the 50-yard line
•PVP League: Play against other real players. Be promoted or demoted based on how you rank on the leaderboard
•Create your own team and play against the finest existing teams in the NFL
•Strategize your own world-class game plan with a choice of formations, card selection and real half-time adjustments
•Make your players more powerful and experienced by training and evolving them to unlock special skills
•Play against the entire Mobage community for hundreds of thousands of possible matchups
•Play special events where the highest ranked players and their teams earn exclusive prizes

DeNA has some serious card-game pedigree, as they’re also the folks behind the Mobage brand of digital card games, like Rage of Bahamut and Deity Wars, so chances are that this football-themed game will be a ton of fun.

NFL Matchups is available for free on the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store right now.