Google Announces They Made $14.4 Billion In Revenue, $2.89 Billion Profit In Q4 2012


Google just announced its earnings for Q4 2012, and guess what? They made a ton of money. We’re shocked.

Actually, Q4 2012 was really great for Google. The company earned $14.4 billion in revenue, which is 36% better than what they did last year. While we tend to think of Google as an American company, only $5.99 billion of that revenue came from the U.S. while the rest was made in international markets.

With $1.51 billion in revenues, Motorola Mobility accounted for 11 percent of Google’s total revenue for the quarter. Even though Google made a lot of money, they only netted $2.89 billion in net income, which is still a lot, but only slightly better than the $2.71 billion they pulled in during Q4 of 2011.


To put Google’s profit in comparison, Apple netted $13.06 billion in profit for Q4 last year and is expected to shatter that mark during their financial report tomorrow. Cult of Mac will be listening to Apple’s financial earnings call tomorrow to provide a full breakdown on the latest results.