Samsung’s Next Giant Smartphone Will Have A 5.8-Inch Screen [Rumor]


Samsung is all too happy to make their customer’s look like idiots. If they could convince you to hold a 27-inch laptop to your face to make calls, they’d be all over it.

After embracing phablets, Samsung is ready to create a new product called the “Galaxy Fonblet” that will be freaking huge. You thought the goobers using a Galaxy Note 2 look silly, but just wait.

If rumors are to be believed the Fonblet will have a 5.8-inch screen. It’ll be able to make calls, like the Galaxy Note, and it will probably have a magical stylus as well. Rumors of the Galaxy Fonblet were first reported by SamMobile, who says the device will probably go on sale only in Europe initially.

The Fonblet will be similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Player 5.8 that is sold exclusively in Korea. Even though the Fonblet sounds ridiculously large, it’s not even the biggest phone/tablet that Samsung’s rumored to be working on, as rumors have said that the Galaxy Note 3 might have a 6.3 inch screen.