PhoneSuit Introduces External Fuel Tanks in Lightning, 30-Pin and Android Flavors [CES 2013]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – We’re always a bit stumped at how PhoneSuit is able to stuff so much battery in to their batteries. Their new Flex line is another great example; those little battery logs above each contain 2600 mAh of juice, which is more than any iPhone battery case I can think of. And that’s not even the coolest thing about them.

As you may have noticed, the Flex comes in three different versions: Lightning connector for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, 30-pin for all other iPhones and micro-USB for Android phones and pretty much everything else. All have micr0-USB pass-throughs, which means you can attach your device to a computer for syncing or charging without removing the battery. In the Lightning version’s case, this means it’ll double as Lighting adapter, though a rather portly one.

Also cool: PhoneSuit paid an awful lot of attention to detail with these guys, considering they’re just batteries. Really things of beauty. The outer shell is aluminum, and looks shot-peened. And since the activator button is electrostatic, there’re no moving parts.  Both the Android and 30-pin version are $80, the Lightning version is $85.

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