For $1,799 This Guy Will Build You A 32-inch Android Or Windows 8 Tablet [CES 2013]

For $1799 This Man Will Build You a 32inch Android Tablet_SnapseedCES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – Big ass tablets “Table PCs”  have been all the rage at CES this year. Lenovo and Panasonic think that you want to throw a dance party on a big iPad on the floor. It’s amazing, but not in a good way.

Rather than waiting for everyone else to jump in on the big ass tablet craze – we’re looking at your Samsung – did you know that you can actually just pay Steven Hu, of T.S. MicroTech, to make you your own 32-inch Android tablet? Heck, he’ll even make you a 65-incher if you pay him enough.

For the modest price of $1,799, T.S. MicroTech will sell you a a 32-inch Android “table PC.” If you want to ramp up the spec war early and go bigger, they’ll make you a 65-inch table pc for $5,988. Hell, you can even get a quadcore i7 processor and 16gigs of RAM in it, plus a video camera. As far as specs are concerned, the sky’s the limit, and in the Table PC Wars it doesn’t matter how heavy these puppies are.

Steven’s company actually sells the Android tables to universities and malls as kiosks. They get the big touch displays from Samsung and then hook a small computer to the back of them. He says that they’ve been trying to make an iPad based table PC, but the closed nature of iOS makes it a lot tougher to integrate with the touch display than Android and Windows 8.

Watch out Lenovo. Steven Hu is already beating you in the Big Ass Tablet Wars, and he’s gunnin’ for that number one spot.

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