Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition ‘Hit A Snag’ On Android, Team Already Working On Sequel For iOS

According to Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Creative Director, Trent Oster, the development team has “hit a snag” in getting the game up and running on Android OS.

According to a Tweet on his Twitter account, Oster says that the Android version of the highly regarded RPG will be a bit longer in development.

As you can see on Twitter, @TrentOster posted the following tweet today:

We’ve hit a snag with BG resource handling and ship panel APK files. We’re going to be a while yet on Android.

We have requested more info, but at this time, Mr. Oster has not replied.

In related news, Oster also mentioned that the licensing deal his company, Overhaul Games, struck with Wizards of the Coast indeed included the rights to make Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition as well. In a separate tweet today, he mentioned that the work has already begun on the sequel:

The #BGEE deal included #BG2EE the content team is already at work on it.

We can only assume that the second enhanced edition will release on iOS, as did the first Baldur’s Gate, and then perhaps on Android, once the team works out any OS-level issues.