Apple Takes Another Hit As USPTO Temporarily Invalidates Their Pinch-To-Zoom Patent

Apple’s quest for litigation has resulted in a few wins and a few loses. However, it would seem the big picture isn’t looking so good for Apple. The very patents Apple has been attempting to assert in its litigation crusade are now coming under high scrutiny and slowly being invalidated.

For the second time this month, the USPTO has invalidated key Apple patents — patents previously used in a myriad of legal battles. This time it’s Apple pinch-to-zoom patent on the chopping block, and one of the many patents used against Samsung in Apple’s US victory.

Since many of these cases are open to appeals, it’s safe to say Samsung, as well as others, will use these latest developments to have the judgments issued against them reevaluated.

While Apple has essentially shot itself in the foot with its legal obsession, we should actually be thanking them. They have inadvertently given birth to a patent reform revolution.

Thank you Apple.