Anomaly Korea Will Be Out For Android and iOS By Christmas, New Trailer Released

Tower offense game, Anomaly Korea, will be out in time for Christmas, says developer 11bitstudios. The sequel to Anomaly Warzone: Earth will feature new weapons, new levels, and new game styles, as well as the dynamic tower offense game play of the original game.

The aliens are back, and this time, they’re fighting in Korea. You’ll get to command a squad of troops and use tactical planning touch controls to lead them through 12 new missions against the new alien enemies.

Months have passed since humans claimed victory in the battle of Tokyo and drove the alien invaders from Earth… or so we thought. Alien robots took their revenge and have answered that defeat with a massive assault on human armies in the Korean peninsula. This is where you, Commander, come into the action. Take control of the attacking response team, lead your armored squad against the destructive alien towers, plan your tactics carefully, and use special weapons and abilities to turn the tide of battle in this genre-defining strategy game experience.

“Anomaly Korea” will also feature new player powers, new units, and a new “Art of War” mode. The game includes full voice acting, and will be available for Android in time for Christmas. The iOS version will be published in partnership with Chillingo, and will be available at the same time as the Android release.