Juicy Details Regarding Apple/HTC Settlement Remain Secret

Last month, HTC and Apple reached a cross-licensing settlement that would put a 10-year kibosh on any litigation between the two. While HTC’s Peter Chou was happy enough to call the settlement “A Good Ending,” Samsung saw it as an opportunity to have injunction proceedings against them thrown out.

Samsung immediately sought access to the details of said agreement and were finally granted access by the courts. This ruling ultimately allowed for some of the settlement agreement to become publicly accessible. Unfortunately the document resembles a Girls Gone Wild commercial, hiding all the fun details behind a wall of black ink.

Close to nothing is provided within the publicly available document, however, it appears as if HTC is the only party to actually dish out any cash. If you take a look at Section 6 of the settlement, it makes dozens of references to HTC paying Apple but absolutely none of Apple paying HTC.

We could have guessed as much, and while it may seem that HTC is getting a raw deal (which they are), it’s a decision HTC made to avoid spending their money on the barrage of impending lawsuits.

There’s no way to tell if anything within this settlement agreement can be used as ammunition by Samsung, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough (as Samsung has the uncensored version).

For all of you curious readers out there, the redacted version can be found by following the source link below.