Spotify Unveils New Features To Improve Your Music Tastes

The latest evolution of Spotify was revealed today at a press event in New York City that showed off Spotify’s new browser app, music discovery features, social additions and more.

Spotify users will now be able to get the same experience they’ve become accustomed to with the desktop client via a new web-based player. The new web-player will allow users to search and play music, create playlist, and use other new features Spotify unveiled today that will help people find newer, better, cooler music.

To help users discover new music Spotify is introducing a new Discover tab that will offer artist recommendations. The service even explains to you precisely why it thinks you will like certain albums and songs based on a number of criteria and comes with a complete biography and web reviews of each song or album.

Borrowing a page from Rdio, Spotify will also come with a Follow feature that makes the app more social. Users can follow friends, bands and celebrities and listen to the same music they’ve been listening to. The feature sounds very similar to Rdio’s Heavy Rotation feature that makes music a more social experience by helping friends keep up with each other’s interests.

Also in the pipeline is the Collections feature that will replace playlists by bundling music together into one mass, regardless of whether it’s by artist, track, or genre, with Spotify offering up new track recommendations.

During the presentation Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek noted that the number of active Spotify users has double in the last year to 20 million globally. Out of the total number of users, 5 million subscribe to Spotify’s paid service, and 1 million of those users live in the U.S., making Spotify the largest streaming platform in the U.S.