Your Android Malware Horror Story Might Be Worth A Free Phone To Microsoft

Android has received a bad rep lately for being a petri dish for malware. Yes, you can install any app you want on your smartphone, that’s what makes Android such a great platform. Just make sure you know what you’re installing and you won’t have any problems.

Some people don’t understand all that, so they install every app widget and skin possible on their phone and are shocked when their beautiful handset mutates into a deranged monster hell bent on world domination. In their newest marketing campaign, Microsoft wants to hear all about Android users’ most vile and gruesome malware horror stories, and if it’s entertaining enough they might give you a free phone too.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Twitter account tweeted last night:

“Do you have an Android malware horror story? Reply with #DroidRage with your best/worst story and we may have a get-well present for you.”

Of course Microsoft should really fix their own malware issues on Windows before trash talking Android’s malware problems, but when your devices aren’t selling well you have to resort to low-ball marketing tactics.

A similar marketing campaign was launched in 2011 where Microsoft received thousands of replies highlighting the security risks of Android. It’s not clear whether the reward for your malware horror story will be a Windows Phone 8 device or something different, but I know if I win and they give me a Lumia 920 I’ll turn around and sell it to upgrade to the Nexus 4.