Netflix Inks Deal With Disney, Gains U.S. Exclusivity For A Host Of Feature Films

Netflix’s streaming service isn’t exactly known for having quality content. Their catalog of movies is reminiscent of the bargain DVD bin at your local Walmart. Netflix has been struggling to land any quality licensing agreements and has actually been losing a few. With Redbox Instant on the horizon, Netflix desperately needs to give its members a reason to stick around.

Well, today, Netflix has provided members with a reason, and that reason is Disney. Netflix has just inked a multi-year licensing agreement to feature a slew of Disney content.

Starting 2016, theatrically released feature films, new Disney, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios and Disneynature titles will be made available for Netflix members to watch instantly on multiple platforms.

Starting next year, high-profile Disney direct-to-video new releases will be made available, while classic Disney movies such as “Dumbo,” “Pocahontas” and “Alice in Wonderland,” will be available to U.S. Netflix members as early as today.

I’m kind of surprised Netflix and Disney signed on a deal that won’t begin until 2016. I guess Netflix is feeling a bit confident in themselves. A lot can happen in four years, but Kudos to them if they manage to retain their userbase among increased competition.

I know this deal will make my kids happy, as for me, there’s still nothing worth watching that I haven’t already seen a thousand times. Step it up Netflix!