It Appears J Lo Has A Butt Double… And It Works For Samsung

The Korean manufacturer that produced the large and in charge Galaxy Note II appears to have another large and in charge mechanical device literally sitting in one of their test labs. This mechanical device, which can only be described as Jennifer Lopez’s butt double, is used to stress test an array of Samsung mobile devices which I’m then assuming are branded as ASS certified.

Makes sense I guess. I mean, there are bound to be some major asses sitting on these devices, so they’d better be able to withstand the pressure. While you all sit around and think up as many inches + ass jokes as you can come up with, let me show you a few of the other rigorous tests these so called “cheap plastic” devices endure.

Okay, so the video was in Korean, but you get the point. As you can see, Samsung’s devices are built to withstand the elements. Whether it’s an accidental trip into the washing machine, or a J Lo-sized butt, you can feel confident that your Samsung device won’t crack under the pressure — something that can’t be said about the new Nexus 4.

“Samsung Galaxy Note II: Butt tested, Sir Mix-A-Lot approved.”