HTC’s Peter Chou Calls Apple Settlement “A Good Ending”

Just over a week ago, Apple and HTC decided to end their patent disputes with a 10-year cross-licensing agreement. The specifics of the agreement were not disclosed, and as with all things that aren’t disclosed, it lead to rampant rumor mongering.

Analysts were soon firing off numbers and making claims that Apple would be receiving $6 to $8 in licensing fees per HTC smartphone. Those numbers were in dark contrast to HTC’s statement about the settlement “not have any adverse material impact on the financials of the company.”

While the truth of the matter may remain confidential (despite Samsung’s efforts to expose it), HTC’s chief executive had a few words on the matter during a KDDI Corp product launch in Tokyo:

“I think that these estimates are baseless and very, very wrong. It is a outrageous number, but I’m not going to comment anything on a specific number. I believe we have a very, very happy settlement and a good ending,”

Personally, I could care less what the terms of the agreement entailed, the important thing is that HTC and Apple came to a mutual agreement that resulted in a “good ending,” — something I hope is contagious.