Madfinger Games Launches Free Multiplayer Shadowgun: DeadZone

The sequel to Shadowgun, one of the better looking third person shooters on smartphones, is out today in the form of a sequel, Shadowgun: DeadZone. This is console-quality multiplayer action brought to your Android phone, and it got to Google Play before the iOS App Store (but not by much).

The game lets you hop into tactical combat with up to 12 players at a time, letting you battle online across a ton of maps with 10 different playable characters.

Madfinger Games CEO, Marek Rabas, said, “We plan to add new items, gadgets, maps and game modes,” in the future, making sure that the content doesn’t get old, and that players will have plenty of new stuff to play with on their Android smartphones and tablets, as well as upcoming iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Developed in Unity, Shadowgun: DeadZone also has a new multiplayer voice chat developed by Ericsson, something that the developers say has never been implemented to this extent in a mobile multiplayer game.

You can make a premium account to get exclusive benefits, though Rabas is careful to note that you won’t need to spend a dime. “It has nothing to do with a ‘Pay to Win’ system,” he said. “We’ve been very careful about spending money in the game. Neither IAP nor the premium account gives you any advantages in gameplay, it just helps you advance faster.”

Shadowgun: DeadZone supports Android devices with 3.0 Honeycomb and higher and is available now on Google Play for free. It will release for iOS devices soon, according to the Czech Republic-based developer. It just released on iOS, and can be downloaded here.