HTC Pussyfoots Its Way Around Jelly Bean Updates, Uses Every Excuse In The Book

HTC managed to give virtually no information in their update on the progress of Jelly Bean as it pertains to previously released devices. Every mobile scapegoat word known in the industry was used: internal testing, carrier expectations, performance, connectivity and platform stability, carrier partners, actively reviewing, optimal user experience, localization, partner approvals, etc…

Using 600+ words, HTC managed to commit to nothing other than bringing Jelly Bean to the HTC One X and HTC One S. Everyone else is left with no guarantee and the stark realization that they might never see Android 4.1, let alone Android 4.2.

They did manage to inform users that any device featuring 512MB or less of RAM would definitely not be receiving the Jelly Bean update. That’s nothing shocking and you could say almost expected, but it still leaves us wondering which devices other than the One X and One S will actually receive Jelly Bean.

I honestly can’t believe HTC even wasted its time posting this. I’d have been more happy with no information — which is essentially what I got.

Read HTC’s update for yourself by following the link below and then tell me if it makes you feel any better about your current situation.