Don’t Click Trees – Play Retro, 16-Bit Inspired Rubber Bandito On Android And iOS

The developers behind Rubber Bandito, an upcoming retro-styled platform game for Android and iOS, want it to mean something when you beat their game. They envision a world where gaming is so much more than clicking trees in endless social games in a web browser.

They want you to play Rubber Bandito, and they want you to help fund it. On Kickstarter, of course.

They promise controls like no other, allowing you to aim and release with precision, flinging the Rubber Bandito wildly yet efficiently around the play areas with abandon and control.

Our touch-anywhere slingshot controls make use of your touchscreen like no other touchscreen platformer you’ve ever played. The unique Rubber Bandito aim-and-release system gives you the precision, freedom, and power to slide, jump, double-jump and wall-jump your way across an epic five world adventure.

You can get a sense of the control system and playstyle in the video below:

But who is this Bandito? What is his deal?

Meet Rubber Bandito, a peace-loving Shaman living in harmony with his people and their bountiful habitat. He’s a common laborer who loses his village to an imperialistic invading force. He’s not a warrior…just a peaceful, honorable villager who was pushed over the edge.

The developers have three goals, each tied to a specific tier of funding. Their basic funding level, at which they will deem the project a success, is $10,000 to help them work ont he game full time and still pay their bills. If the funding reaches $25,000, they’ll add additional gameplay modes, a technical support infrastructure, monthly easter eggs, new achievements, and leader boards to the basic game. The final goal, set at $45,000 of funding, promises to “provide 10 newly designed and completely original levels in the same retro 16-bit gameplay style that can only be experienced while playing Rubber Bandito. The best part is that these new Levels will be financed up front, making them completely free to anybody who helps the Rubber Bandito team streeeeeeeatch our way to this final goal.”

So, how do you get this game? Pledge $5 to the Kickstarter project and get a copy of the game on the platform (iOS or Android) of your choice, along with strategy guides and early access to info about the game. Pledge at a higher level and get all of that plus the soundtrack, ebooks, art, posters, and more.

You can find out even more info on the Rubber Bandito Facebook or Google Plus pages.