Motorola Suddenly Withdraws Its August ITC Complaint Against Apple

Since I’m sure you all stay awake at night worrying about the latest developments in ITC complaints and patent disputes, you’re all probably dying to know that Motorola has withdrawn a complaint it made against Apple back in mid-August. We have absolutely no idea why the sudden change of heart, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. The web is abuzz with theories, but the truth is most likely much less controversial.

The August complaint was filed over seven technical patents spanning a whole array of accused Apple products. You’d think that a complaint that large would have some merit, and considering the Motion to Terminate specifically states there were “no agreements between Motorola and Apple,” one has to wonder why the withdrawal.

Since we have no clue, how about you entertain us with some of your own theories, and don’t be shy — we could use a good laugh.