Image Of 7″ ASUS Android Tablet Leaks Ahead Of CES

As CES approaches, we are bound to get wind of many yet-to-be announced devices, like the one we see in the above image. This leaked image obtained by NOTEBOOKitalia reveals a mysterious 7″ ASUS Android tablet. Unfortunately the image didn’t come with any information to help identify itself, but we can sure speculate. We’re thinking this will end up being either a 7″ Eee Pad Transformer Prime, 7″ Eee Pad Memo, or possibly even a 7″ ASUS Padfone (though we doubt it).

ASUS has been toying with so many different ideas for a 7″ tablet, from a low-cost Kindle Fire competitor, to a 3D capable Tegra 3 that the possibilities on this one are endless. What the above image will end up being is anyone’s guess, but at least it gives us a sneak peek at what we can expect to see from ASUS at CES. A quick glance shows a Honeycomb ASUS tablet with an unconventional portrait design, with ports on the bottom. The form factor of a smaller 7″ tablet is a refreshing change from the usual 10.1″ monsters we’re used to seeing from ASUS.

I’m not going to worry too much about this one, as CES is a week away and we’ll probably get a hands on anyways. What are you guys hoping this 7″ mystery tablet will become? Budget tab, Tegra 3, 3D, or something entirely different?