Google Wants You To Share A Pic Of Your Android Out And About [Google+ Fun]

If you’re on Google+ and looking for a little Android fun, Google has just the thing for you. They’d like you to share your Android adventures by taking a photo of your Android (not your phone but the little green guy) out and about. Maybe you and the little guy just got back from some deep sea diving off the coast of Australia, or perhaps you and your green pal just finished climbing Mt. Everest. Of course we all can’t be Mr. Adventure, so think of any creative or funny place to bring your trusty Bugdroid and snap a photo.

After you’ve photographed your adventure, simply upload the photo to Google+ and tag it +Android, or share a link to your photo via the +Android post comments. Be sure to include the photo’s location somewhere in the photo so everyone will know where you took the photo. If you’re wondering where to get your very own paper Android, simply follow this link here or use your own creative juices and make your own (doesn’t have to be paper). If you’re lucky, Google will choose your photo as one of their favorite to be showcased on January 9th.

So, where have you and your Android been?

via Android Central