Not Even Polish Sausage Is Safe From Apple’s Ego

Ladies and gentlemen, I wish I was making this up, but unfortunately I’m not. Apple’s patent crusade has taken a new low. They’ve actually filed a lawsuit against an online Polish grocery site, claiming they are trying to confuse customers with their trademarked The companies full name is A.PL CompanyInternet SA and the .pl is actually Poland’s country-wide domain. However, Apple believes this site-to-door grocery delivery site is simply trying to profit off of their almighty reputation.

To think customers would confuse groceries with computers and phones is absolutely asinine, but then again, so are these patent lawsuits. Even if this Polish grocery site were “deliberately trying to confuse customers,” I doubt someone’s going to visit their site looking for an iPhone and settle for shampoo instead.

Apple isn’t only going after them for their name, but also for a logo they use which resembles, well… an apple. You hear that apple orchards of the world, beware, you may be diluted Apple’s products with your apple cider.