Flipboard Adds New Levi’s Catalog Section To Its Popular News App

Flipboard started out as an iPad app, then an Android app. Now the two-year old news app is fast becoming the go-to app to beat on all platforms with its clever re-do of cluttered blog layouts into silky smooth print-like pages that just beg to be read on a mobile tablet.

This past week, however, the company took another step in a new direction, and delivered “the New Levi’s Collection” catalog directly to 20 million Flipboard users. They can now flip through Levi’s fall collection clothes and buy items right from within the Flipboard app.

The company told VentureBeat that this was the first “shop-able clothing catalog” on Flipboard. What that means, of course, is that they’ve found a new revenue stream beyond advertising, as they have created a “revenue sharing” agreement with Levi’s, but do not take a percentage of sales through the app.

I’m sure this will be just the first of many new ways Flipboard will be looking to leverage its user base across Android and iOS platforms, bringing in a much-needed flow of revenue. It also provides a third stream of content for users, adding to the news and video sections already available, leaving Flipboard less vulnerable if any one of the streams “dries up.”

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