Save $15 By Pre-Ordering Your NKMOS Universal Car Mount Through Us

If you’re a Kickstarter fanatic, then you’ll recognize the recently funded NKMOS Universal Car Mount. When you think of a universal car mount, it usually involves some cheap plastic, an unappealing design, and a suction cup system that can barely hold itself up. NKMOS goes beyond our general perceptions, redefining the universal car mount and raising the bar for future designs.

Using an all aluminum body, the NKMOS Ultima is the strongest and smoothest holding clamping mechanism on the market. It can accommodate the largest of phones, and firmly hold up to 22 pounds!

The NKMOS isn’t available just yet, but they’ve opened up pre-sales and if you head over to our Deals Page, you’ll be able to save yourself some cash by pre-ordering through us.

The NKMOS doesn’t come cheap, and any savings helps, so hit up our Deals Page today and grab this modernistic twist on the old, dull universal car mount.

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