Jambox The Remix: Jawbone Announces A Crayola Worthy Palette Of Colors For Its Jambox

Jawbone’s wireless Jambox speaker has been a fan favorite among mobile users for quite some time, and while everything about it rocks, users have been begging for more color choices. Those prayers haven’t fallen on deaf ears, as Jawbone has teased its next iteration of the Jambox: Jambox the Remix.

Like a kid with a fresh box of crayons, Jawbone went color crazy, drawing up over 100 new color combinations for its popular speaker. Customers can match their color preferences to their personalities or simply mix-and-match units to fit the decor of a specific room.

Jawbone has opened up an early preview of its new color-mixing site to members of social-scoring site Klout, as well as Jawbone Insiders. As for the rest of us, we’ll have to wait until an open launch on August 28th to experience color nirvana.

The site allows customers to mix-and match colors, save up to six designs, and share them via various social media sites. Each Jambox is made to order and will be offered at the usual Jambox price of $199.99.

If this is your first time hearing about the Jambox, check out the video below and then head over to the source link for more info.