Android HIFI Streams Audio From Your Android Device To Any AirPlay Device

While it’s not high on visual appeal, new app Android HIFI allows Android users to stream to AirPlay-enabled devices, thus proving once and for all that Android can indeed play nice with Apple technology.

The app works by allowing any AirPlay audio source to play to your Android device, essentially making your device an AirPlay receiver.

So, basically, you can play an audio stream from your Mac or iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone over AirPlay to your Android phone. The interface is extremely simple, as you can see in the screenshots. It was developed by an XDA Developers member, so it looks more like a proof of concept than anything else.

Because, honestly, why would you want to stream your Apple audio source via AirPlay to your Android device? I suppose if you don’t have a Bluetooth device of any sort, and don’t want to plug in headphones to the Mac or other Apple device, this could be useful, we guess.

Let’s hope that the developer takes the time to develop this into a full AirPlay client, and allows it to transmit to AirPlay enabled devices, because that Apple TV is a slick little device.