FlightTrack App Now Comes in Free Version for Android and iOS [Daily Freebie]


Like we said, Passbook in iOS 6 is going to steal a few tricks from flight apps like Mobiata’s $5 FlightTrack (and $10 FlightTrack Pro), making the apps seem somewhat less valuable.

Whether or not Passbook replaces these types of apps remains to be seen; in any case, Mobiata isn’t going down without a fight, and has just released an all-new, free version of their FlightTrack app for both iOS — and Android.

Besides being free, the new app’s interface has been revamped to make it less cluttered and more user-friendly — and it does indeed look better than previous iterations, which were already well-designed to begin with. No, you won’t get the fancy weather maps, flight delay forecast charts, alternate flight searches or flight delay forecasts (or the flight updates push alerts of the Pro version), but it’ll let you track one flight at a time and provide gate and baggage information — just the basics, but better than average for a free app.

iOS version.