HTC Rezound Owners Hurry Fast To Get Your Bootloader Unlocked Via, the official site for unlocking your HTC bootloader, has inadvertently given HTC Rezound owners instructions on how to unlock their bootloaders. The HTC Rezound has yet to be officially listed on but according to a few sources, the instructions for unlocking your bootloader also apply to the Rezound and will work if followed correctly. You will be left with S-On and will have to perform a factory reset at the end (so do a backup if needed).

This is excellent news for Rezound owners looking to take advantage of having root access on their newly purchased super phone. Let us know if it works for you and whether or not you have any issues. This may not last long if HTC realizes the errors of their ways, or perhaps they will just add the Rezound to the list and let everyone enjoy their new found discovery. Either way, hurry over to for instructions on how to unlock your bootloader.