Root And Unlock Almost Any HTC Device With The Unofficial HTC Super Tool

You may remember us talking about the HTCdev site which helps HTC owners unlock their device’s bootloader. That site while “official,” takes quite some time to update its list of unlockable devices. That is why xda-developer forum user frigid decided to go ahead an create his own utility to speed things up. Picture the HTCdev unlockable list on steroids and that’s what you get with the unofficial HTC Super Tool.

The HTC Super Tool is a utility program that will root and unlock a large number of HTC devices and has already been tested and working on the following:

  • – EVO Design 4G
  • – EVO 4G
  • – EVO 3D
  • – EVO Shift
  • – G2
  • – MyTouch 3Gs
  • – MyTouch 4G
  • – MyTouch 4Gs
  • – Inspire
  • – Sensation
  • – Incredible
  • – Wildfire S
  • – Amaze

That’s quite a large list, which is continually expanding. Just another option for anyone who can’t wait for an “official” unlock, and wishes to keep their aging device up-to-date with current software versions. More reasons to love the Android community and even more reasons to love your Android device.

via The Verge