Nielsen: Android And iOS Continue To Lead Smartphone Market Share In The U.S.

No surprises as the latest Nielsen numbers show Android and iOS leading U.S. smartphone market share. Both operating systems continue to gain at the expense of RIM — who has all but fallen into the “Other” category. Speaking of the “Other” category: Windows mobile, Windows 7, Symbian, and Palm/WebOS were all grouped together, combining for a measly 5.9% market share.

Most of this can be filed under “Thanks, Captain Obvious,” but this Android/iOS domination has manufacturers and developers clambering for the fences when it comes to considering any other OS.

Apple continues to have the highest manufacturer share of smartphone handsets among operating systems, while Samsung and HTC remain the top Android dogs.

Nielsen also reports U.S. smartphone adoption to be just over 50%, with 2 out of 3 Americans choosing (not like they have much of a choice) a smartphone instead of a feature phone within the past 3 months.

Not much more to report, the numbers pretty much speak for themselves. It’s high times for Android and iOS and we don’t expect much to change over the next couple years.