Did An Apple Store In Vancouver Just Get Punk’d By Samsung?

No sir, that’s not an Apple store you’re looking at, that there is a bona fide Samsung store. What looks like an episode of Punk’d, is actually Samsung’s first Canadian retail store in Metro Vancouver. This 140-square-metre store is located in Burnaby‚Äôs Metropolis at Metrotown and offers a plethora of Samsung’s latest mobile devices, as well as demo stations to see how they function and interact with other Samsung products such as TVs.

Samsung has been going toe-to-toe with Apple for a bit now and even though Samsung has every legitimate reason to open a retail store such as this, it just gives off that “nanny, nanny, poo, poo vibe.” Let’s just hope Apple doesn’t have a store design patent we don’t know about, otherwise you can expect your favorite tech blogs to become riddled with Apple/Samsung litigation surrounding white paint and demo tables.

Keep doing your thing Samsung! Or is it Apple’s thing? I can’t remember.